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Wild Kingdom?
A rare moment -- all four cats kippin' together in the same room.

boyz.jpg (88401 bytes)
A marginally less rare moment -- Max and Gord kippin' together on the same blanket.

squeek-max.JPG (103886 bytes)
Also only somewhat rare -- Max and Squeek ... well, you know.

got-your-nose.JPG (100979 bytes)
Squeek boxing Max's ears.  Because the other cats attempt to beat the stink out of her when she does it to them, I guess that's why.

doodle-stinkeye.JPG (73946 bytes)
Butter might not melt in her mouth, but she can deliver a righteous dose of the old "stinkeye."

toe-jam.jpg (52707 bytes)
I don't know why it seems that way, but this is one of the creepiest things I ever see Gord do.

squeek and computer.JPG (190696 bytes)
Yes, Squeek intends to be a MCSE.  She'll make more money than you, don't laugh!

which-end-up.JPG (71932 bytes)
One end or the other of this mess has a head on it.

Gord afghan back of sofa.JPG (352942 bytes)
Glamour Shot #1:
Rustic Gord.

Gord cheesecake1.JPG (339178 bytes)
Glamour Shot #2:
Seductive Gord.

max-cheesecake-shot.JPG (81567 bytes)
Glamour Shot #3:
Pampered Max.

max-clean.JPG (23163 bytes)
Glamour Shot #4:
Sporty, Fun Max.

first-walkies.JPG (88513 bytes)
Max's first walk.  Awwwww.

dog-tired.JPG (73015 bytes)
Max's endless nap.

intl-dog.jpg (107273 bytes)
International Dog:
Max contemplates Detroit from the Lake Erie shoreline in Windsor, Ontario.

intl-dog-tired.JPG (106602 bytes)
International Dog Tired:
Max contemplates the inside of his eyelids on the chair in the motel in Windsor, Ontario.

lets-dance.JPG (65523 bytes)
Max and Tony dance.  I don't know who leads.

max-sofa-window.JPG (27480 bytes)
"As God is my witness, I swear no squirrel will ever pass this window!"

max-ten-hut.JPG (304804 bytes)
I don't care what it is -- I'm sitting.  Isn't that the deal?  I sit, you give me some.  Right?

squeek and catnip.JPG (343609 bytes)
Our little Squeek discovers the joys of catnip.

before-and-after.JPG (251904 bytes)
Southern Ohio Porch Cat comparo:  Yup, Tink's a behemoth.

squeek-ears-w.JPG (331348 bytes)
OMFG -- what the heck IS that?

Max-on-squeek.JPG (253873 bytes)
If you look closely, you will see that sometimes, Squeek gets a little more enthusiastic about playing with Max's tail than is entirely advisable.

tinks-ready-mr-demille.JPG (40272 bytes)
The Hair(y) Bitch Project?


damp-spitz.JPG (339469 bytes)
The way you guys gripe about getting a bath once in a while, you'd think you were a bunch of pussies!  Uh -- wait, that didn't come out right.


cute as a tank.JPG (63193 bytes)
The cutest behemoth you ever saw.

chin-hook.JPG (67084 bytes)
Okay, maybe it's a tie.

max-kicked-back.JPG (177740 bytes)
I'm sensing a theme, here ...

doodle_biscuit_shot.JPG (119060 bytes)
Good night!

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