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Just click on the thumbnails below for a larger image.  Though this is generally true of images, I feel compelled to make the disclaimer:  it may take a while to load some of these, depending on your connection (or Interland's server), just a heads-up.

baby tink head

big kids

tink red chair

doodle hangover

queen of the bathroom

sofa cats

Okay, Louie -- you cracks da' safe while I warms up the getaway car!

Okay, this is a test -- exactly how stupid is Gord?

(a.  Apparently not that stupid)

I love my chair.

Whaddya mean, cats can't take Tylenol?  I'm dyin' here!

I'm queen of the bathroom.  Okay, if you're really, really nice, I'll let you lick the soap.

Some bizarre aerial accident?  Narcolepsy?  We'll never know, the victims were unresponsive.

tink red chair 2

high noon

Disappearing tink

doodle cheesecake

the whole hee-haw gang

doodle wink

Oh, did I mention I love my chair?

I know the humans like you, but lift ONE PAW, son, and you'll find out how happy I am about having you here.

No, you people may NOT move my chair, dammit!  I don't care!  Move without me.

No, what does 'impudent little poo-bucket' mean, anyway?

Sshhh . . . nobody's hitting anybody or hissing at anybody, take the picture NOW!!

Butter wouldn't melt in my mouth.

Their version of the water cooler. Blah, blah, woof, woof. Our little burnt biscuit.  Ain't she sweet? Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of Doodle? Would you like a glass of wine, Dahling? Messages to the Mothership?
"So, anyway, I sold off my GE stock, I'm thinking about getting into municipal bonds." Oh, yeah?  Well, you tell that dog she can kiss my yellow butt! ... Especially when she's sleeping. If they only knew I have special powers when I do this! Gord shows off the fireplace in his swingin' bachelor pad. It's kind of like a computer network, only without the information.
    Okay, okay.  We don't hate each other, after all. Waiting for the sweet release that death will bring, or just for dinner?    
    They weren't supposed to know! Sigh.    
The QC guy? Would you like to see my retchings? Under a leaf? I just cut the cheese. I been here at least ten minutes! And then we'll pile the friendly cat on him!  Yes!
Yeah, well I'm the quality control foreman, and I say you missed a spot! Gord shows off the stunning black leather sofa in his swinging bachelor pad. Where's Doodle? But I loooove you. Whassa fella' gotta do ta get anudda drink round here, huh? Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

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All graphics and photographs are created by and the property of Melinda Nowikowski, 2K-2K3